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Programs & Activities

Castle Pines Academy is continuously seeking ways to enhance the growth of children and believes in the philosophy of using a variety of creative and innovative ways to bring out the best in children. We believe in investing more in our teachers, and believe the key to success lies in holding our staff to the highest performance standards.


Our infant rooms are designed to offer places where babies can roll, sit, crawl, pull up, and walk. Cuddling and holding very young children is a big part of what we do every day.


The younger toddler room is where hugging and cuddling are a big part of the day. The older toddlers are usually more interested in discovering new things about themselves and those around them. The children in this program are encourage to talk, walk, listen, climb on things, and investigate.


For children, a preschool is a happy place for exploring and discovery. Our aim is to focus on learning yet never forget the importance of fun.


Our curriculum provides daily customized learning within smaller classrooms and individualized attention. The schedule includes a balance of active/quiet learning activities, large/small group activities,and indoor/outdoor play. There is a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities throughout the school day.


Our curriculum includes Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Sciences and Computing. Children spend the majority of their day actively engaged with manipulative materials, allowing them to construct their knowledge from experiences that are meaningful to them.

Before & After

Children will participate in small group activities, such as reading books, playing games, designing artwork, and even reviewing math facts for a quiz in school. Some families would like their children to complete their homework, so a homework table is set up in a quiet corner of the room, and teachers are present to provide guidance.

Summer Program

Castle Pines Academy Summer program starts in May and ends in August. Some of the activities include Science, Literacy,Sports, Cooking, Art, Math, Music, and Technology

Outdoor Games

The activities include Soccer Program, Relay races, Golf, and Basketball etc.