Preschool Program

Age Group 2 1/2 years to 4 years

Our goal is to provide age-appropriate activities to stimulate our preschoolers every day. Your child will be exposed to variety of components including art, literacy, mathematics, science, technology and world cultures. We will also be working on social/listening skills such as sharing with others, having appropriate control over feelings, and lengthening attention spans.

We strive to provide an environment that contains materials that are stimulating, challenging, changing, and familiar. We provide an environment that encourages different kinds of play such as: construction, role playing, movement, problem solving, discovering, communicating, creating, imagining, reading, writing, using numbers, space and measurement.

Why you should choose us?

•  We believe children should be in small intimate groupings with a teacher
•  Activities are designed to further emerging skills through creativity and    exploration
•  A balance of rest and active movement is provided throughout the day
•  Exposure to activities that enhance both small and large motor skills
•  Activities and materials are concrete, real and relevant to the lives of     young children


We believe children should be in small intimate groups where they can build trusting relationships in order to feel secure enough to explore the world around them. Teachers will be supportive, sensitive and interested observers, using those observations as an ongoing process so that children can be given the opportunities to succeed at their own level of development. We believe children are explorers. Play is the way children make sense of their world and is the natural way to learn. Play is self-initiated, spontaneous and an opportunity for children to use their curiosity to explore, experiment, and test ideas.


•  Computers
•  Puzzles with a varying number of pieces
•  A variety of small manipulative toys
•  A variety of science investigation equipment and items to explore
•  A changing selection of books and recordings
•  Classroom responsibilities such as helping with routines

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