Infant Program

Age Group 6 weeks to 12 months

When infants receive affection and reassurance, they learn to trust the world and themselves. At Castle Pines Academy, our caregivers sing, talk, and play with infants on a continual and one-on-one basis throughout the day in a caring and safe environment.

We provide many experiences designed to help promote, strengthen and enhance your child's physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. A great deal of time is spent on the floor playing and exploring our world – taking in sights and sounds and textures, sorting them out and making new discoveries about how things work.

Why you should choose us?

•  An unparalleled level of attentive and loving care
•  Individulized activities and consistent schedules for eating, sleeping, and     play times
•  A safe, nurturing environment where infants can gain the confidence to     try new things
•  Daily information sheets that keep parents up-to-date on their children
•  An Open Door policy which encourages parents to participate in their     child's daily activities


The infant rooms at Castle Pines Academy provide a safe, stimulating, and secure environment for the developing infant. Individualized care, which is intended to complement parents' styles and wishes, is one way of attempting to accommodate each infant's needs and personality. Age appropriate toys and activities encourage the development of the infants' basic skills.

We promote a partnership between parents and caregivers. There is a mutual respect and understanding so the two parties may work together to provide the best possible program for the infant. Communication is essential. A daily information form to be filled out by parents and teachers, as well as regular conferences to discuss the child's development are utilized to facilitate the communication process between parents and teachers.


•  Clapping, Holding, Picking and Dropping objects
•  Sign Language
•  Walking with support and walking independently
•  Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Animals and Objects
•  Simple Words and Tunes
•  Stories, Music, and Movement

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